Reloading Introduction

The full potential of the Triple Deuce can best be obtained through the use of handloads.  The proud owner of a rifle chambered in this caliber is fortunate because the choice of component combinations for handloads have been proven by varmint and competition target shooters for many years.  This information is available from a variety of sources.  

Reloading manuals are an essential source of information.  Hornady, Nosler and Sierra manuals are excellent.  Many reloaders have a library of these manuals and refer to them regularly.  These manuals also provide a beginning reloader with correct methods to safely reload.  Hodgdon lists an enormous amount of load data on their web site.  Reloading component manufacturing companies also have tech lines staffed by individuals who can provide additional information or address specific concerns.  Safety is a vital part of reloading.  If you are learning or at all uncertain about any facet of reloading refer to these manuals.  Safety is of utmost importance!


As far as the Triple Deuce is concerned, it is an easy cartridge to handload.  With the choice of quality reloading equipment, components and techniques you will be rewarded with remarkable accuracy.  The factory Remington rifles that I have worked with have responded very well to some fairly basic handloading practices.  These practices are simply based on information from reloading manuals, technical representatives and experienced shooters. 


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